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C3D is proud to introduce 3DReality Modelling, a product offering a new and exciting way to engage with design teams on their projects. We can produce the largest and most challenging 3D models of existing conditions for projects of all types, derived from digital photographs. Create and use the most highly detailed 3D reality models to provide precise real-world context for design, construction and operation decisions.

Reality Modelling

Knowing the existing conditions of a project is a key asset in any decision process. Infrastructure owners want to survey and inspect their asset, project delivery companies have to plan and monitor their actions and report to their customers. Been able to quickly reconstruct a 3D model accurately representing the existing conditions proves every day to be increasingly critical.


  • As built Site conditions for informative and accurate Decision making
  • Bringing the real world into the boardroom
  • Space planning and Plant Layout
  • Clash Detection
  • Site progress measurements and calculations
  • Sharing business intelligence between stakeholder

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