Does Your Project Require a 3D Model Solution?

3D Laser Scanning x

Our team is equipped with the knowledge of using the Leica Scan Station P-Series as well as the latest Leica RTC equipment which we create an as-built representation of large industrial sites from petrochemical to mining plants, generating 3D data for integration into Building Information Modelling (BIM). We deliver high-quality 3D data Point clouds and HDR imaging with an accuracy of up to 3mm-5mm which is vital in all brownfield works

Reality Modelling x

The new reality meshes are now natively “engineering ready,” meaning that users can pull it up in 3D at full resolution, and place roads, calculate quantities, or perform other engineering work right on top of it, without data conversion.

In addition, Bentley’s reality meshes are also “visualization ready”. If you’re working on a large engineering project, you can use a single reality mesh file to review your project in its reality context. Design your project against real-world conditions, and then visualize it for presentations

Building Information Modelling (BIM)x

Building Information Modelling (BIM) allows for optimization of designs, increased collaboration and reduced delivery time through the use of BIM, engineers can make informed decisions, automate construction documentation, and produce more constructible designs.

25 Years of Simplifying Engineering through Innovation x

What we offer

Full scale high detail 3D reality models for real time Asset Management. We deliver high quality 3D data Point clouds and HDR imaging with an accuracy of up to 3mm-5mm. Cyclone Point Cloud Registration for various CAD formats. BIM modelling of existing structures.

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Does Your Project Require a 3D Model Solution?